Library Observes Presidents’ Day

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Feb 102016

picture provided by

picture provided by

Flora Public Library will be closed on Monday, February 15th in observance of Presidents’ Day.  The library will reopen Tuesday, February 16th at 1:30pm. 

To celebrate Presidents’ Day we have provided a link to a website that has presidential coloring pages.

Click here for the link to the presidential coloring pages.

Thank you. Happy Presidents’ Day!

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

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Feb 082016

snoopy-valentines-day-images-3VALENTINE’S DAY COLORING PAGES

Hey, Kids!  Listed below are  some links for Valentine’s Day coloring pages.  Ask Mom and Dad before printing, then color using your favorite crayons or colored pencils. Makes a nice gift!

For Snoopy coloring page, click here.

Library Closed Saturday, Jan 30th

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Jan 282016



Flora Public Library will be closed this Saturday, January 30th so that the staff  can attend Joyce Denoncour’s sisters’ funeral. Janice Van Matre will be missed and the library board of trustees and staff extend their deepest condolences to Joyce and her family.

Coloring Books for Adults

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Jan 202016

butterfly-coloring-pages-for-adultCOLORING PAGES FOR ADULTS


Recently adult coloring books have become very popular as a way to relax and be creative. We would like to offer a list of websites where you may either print a page to color or you can actually color the pictures online. Enjoy!

Santa Saturday at Library, Dec 12

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Dec 092015

Just a reminder!  The Flora Public Library’s kids’ Christmas party will be this Saturday, December 12th beginning at 12:30pm.  Before Santa Claus arrives, the library will be visited by two friendly elves who will sing Christmas songs and tell stories to entertain the children. 

Santa Claus is set to arrive at 1pm.  Kids can tell Santa their Christmas wish list & then watch a fun Christmas movie in the library’s community room. Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by an adult during the party. Hope to see you there.

12:30pm   Stories and Songs with the Elves!

1:00pm   Santa arrives!

Later on . . . a movie!

Selena Chae Book Signing Saturday, December 5

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Dec 012015

dragon knights coverIllinois Author Releases Fiction Adventure

Flora Public Library has invited local Illinois writer, Selena Chae, author of “Dragon Knights,” to present a book signing at the library. The signing will be Saturday, December 5, from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. The library is located at 216 N. Main St., Flora, IL. The author is hard at work on the sequel! She also announced some Christmas specials for the readers on your gift list.

Christmas Specials:

• e-Books, special sale price, $12.00, (regularly $15.99), including a Christmas card to enclose the gift in.

• Personalized autographed copies of Dragon Knights, special sale price, $20.00 (regularly $22.99) plus shipping, handling, and tax. Flawed copies of Dragon Knights (while supplies last) are specially priced at $15.00

In this epic tale of love and war in the mystical realm of Arora Ashia, readers learn if Prince Adrian and Julia can harness the power of the Fire Dragon in time to save the kingdom from certain doom!

In the story, the enemy is approaching, ever more swiftly; it seems the only hope for the land of Arora Ashia lies in one who can master its mystical protector, the Fire Dragon. Julia, a servant girl in the royal household is devastated when her mother dies as the result of a plot to take over the kingdom. When she takes up her mother’s duties and begins caring for the handsome, kind Prince Adrian, she begins an adventure that barely leaves her time to mourn her own mother’s death.

As the two further investigate the attempt to take over the king’s throne, they discovered more than they ever expected. Using a diary written in Julia’s late mother’s own hand, she pieces together the Fire Dragon’s true identity and learns that someone in the royal court is out to take over Arora Ashia. Julia bonds deeply with the mystical creature as she becomes more involved with the prince.

If you can squeeze it in to your busy holiday shopping, stop by Selena Chae’s book signing at the library, December 5th from 10:30am to 3:00pm. Bring a friend. This book is a must have for anyone who likes action-fantasy books.

For more information, visit Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is also available through bookstores nationwide and from the publisher at

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Selena Chae!!



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Nov 192015



Flora Public Library Board of Trustees and staff are inviting all area children to tell Santa Claus what is on their holiday wish list! The kids’ Christmas party will be on Sat., December 12th, beginning at 12:30pm.

From 12:30 to 1:00pm, Christmas elves will share stories and sing Christmas carols with the children. Santa will arrive at 1pm to hear Christmas wish lists! After visiting with Santa, the kids are invited to stay for a Christmas movie and enjoy refreshments in the library’s community room.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult during the party.

Please don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this once in a lifetime moment. Questions, may be answered by calling the library at 662 6553 during regular library hours or emailing the library at

Book Signing at Library

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Oct 282015


Flora Public Library will host author, Robert Wayne Bee on Saturday, November 14, from 10:00am-1:00pm. He will be selling copies of his Christian fantasy book, “The Melissa Ring:  Book 1 of Gray’s Forest.”  Copies of the paperback book will be available for $18.00.   Mr. Bee will also have copies of his previous book, “40 Days” for $5.00 each.

Robert Wayne Bee is the author of three books: 40 Days, Philemon: A Study on Forgiveness, and buzzwords and bee-attitudes. A former HVAC service dispatcher, bookstore clerk, travel agent and front desk clerk, he has used the skills and knowledge from all of these professions, Southern sensibilities and Christian faith, when creating the unique and world of Gray’s Forrest. From his basement office, in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana; Robert toils endlessly on his next novel, The Gargoyle’s Chant, which is the sequel to The Melissa Ring.”


The following synopsis of “The Melissa Ring” is from the author’s website.

“Canada has joined the United States as the one hundred second through one hundred sixteenth states.  The world is divided into five trade blocs.  A prolonged and controversial world war is being waged in the Horn of Africa.  A deranged serial killer, named the Jabberwock, is terrorizing the country.  Martian colonies, communication with dolphins and arcologies are becoming a reality.  Route 66 is still in commission; and Boulder Dam never changed its name.  It is a world similar yet markedly different from our own, where things seem normal on the surface but bizarre things lurk in the shadows.

In this world, after a mysterious, five-year, road trip, Paul Gray has returned to his father’s hometown of River City, Wabash, specifically, an area of the city, referred to by locals as “the Forrest.”  Over time, the city has deteriorated into an urban wasteland due in part to the exploitive business practices of Paul’s wicked great-grandfather, Silas Gray.  However, Silas has died; and Paul has inherited his vast fortune.  Will Paul use the money to reverse the damage and restore the city to its former glory?  Or, will he fall prey to the same sins of pride, lust, and greed, which destroyed his ancestor?

 Paul discovers that he must tackle many problems at the same time:  dislodge a street gang, who is squatting in the subbasements of his apartment building, discharge a dictatorial hotel manager, repair the roof of an iconic church, and rescue a failing diner, threatened with foreclosure.  To solve these and other problems, Paul must rely on his martial arts and communication skills, his innate compassion and generosity, and his faith in God.

At every step, Paul and his motley band of helpers are met by the forces of Silas Gray’s former partner, Claude Zumbini, aka Zumbo the Clown.  Zumbini, who is the host of a popular, local, morning children’s show, an unscrupulous businessman, and most importantly, a powerful crime lord, has an iron chokehold on the city and its residents and no intention of allowing it to be wrested from his grasp.

The eccentric Sam Hayne, proprietor of a local, horror-themed, amusement park and Paul’s distant cousin, offers to assist Paul in defeating Zumbini.  However, can Paul trust him?  Moreover, what is the peculiar, gold signet ring, which Hayne gave Paul?  The ring seems to have its own agenda.  At the oddest times, it glows; and strange events soon follow.

What will Paul Gray do with…The Melissa Ring?

For more information, please contact the library at or call 618-662-6553.

Food For Thought

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Oct 272015


The Flora Public Library in cooperation with the Clay County Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry will once again be sponsoring a food drive, “Food for Thought” this year. The library’s 13th annual food drive begins Monday, November 2 and will end Saturday, December 5.  

Non-perishable food items may be dropped off at the library during regular operating hours. Hours at the library are:  Monday – Thursday 1:30pm to 8:30pm, Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm.  For more information please call the library at 662-6553.  Donated items will help the local Food Pantry serve those in need during the holiday season.

 The Food Pantry has been serving over 550 families per month so your donation will make a big difference.  Please help us make the holidays a happier time for those in need by providing Food for Thought.